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Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom is a connoisseurs dream. It's the original and best strain available. Why is this "Thai Kratom" the best, you ask? It boils down to maturity of trees. Thailand was first populated in 10th Century AD buy Tai-Lao speaking people from China. They named states in Thailand that are still used today. One in particular is the Ayutthaya Kingdom which is which is surrounded by three rivers. It's on the banks of these rivers that Thai kratom was first discovered. There is no evidence to the exact date kratom was discovered, but I'm edging my bets that when the Tai-Lao first named the state Ayutthaya Kingdom they were chewing on kratom leaves.

The main agricultural contribution to Thailand's economy is rice. Rice is grown in fields called Paddys. These paddys are in the bottom of valleys and are divided up by mud banks which trap the water and provide access across the fields for the farmers. It's these famers who historically are the main kratom users. The demographic for a Thai kratom user is male, married, middle class and aged 30-40. This surprisingly enough is the demographic for a Thai rice farm owner. Thai rice farmers use Thai kratom and say that 10-15 minutes after consumption they feel robust, active and cheerful. Most importantly is the onset of a healthy desire to work. Not surprising really those Thai workers indulged in Thai kratom on a daily basis.

Thai famers using kratom can work the land from early morning to late evening. As Thai farmers generally work alone it's an added benefit that Thai kratom calms the mind and makes one feel at peace. "I actually prefer to be alone when chewing kratom" said one Thai farmer. The measure to outlaw kratom in Thailand has been ineffective due to the plant growing naturally in the wild and most users are not associated with city life, where the majority of the authorities roam.