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Kratom Leaf

Kratom leaf is the desired part of the plant of tree with the most active alkaloids. Contrary to popular belief, the stems and branches still have active alkaloids but they are only 60% as concentrated. Leafs are shaped the way they are flat and thin as for a plant to photosynthesis the maximum amount of cells need to be exposed to the light. A kratom leaf is evergreen, dark and glossy. The structure of a kratom leaf is made up of upper and lower protective layers called epidermis. This is where Co2 is drawn in and O2 (oxygen) is released. Inside the kratom leaf is two more layers. The first is the Mesophyll (Greek for middle leaf), this is a spongy layer of tissue where photosynthesis takes place and where the active alkaloids are held. The second layer is a cluster of veins that bring water and nutrients from the soil where the kratom tree is located. This indicates that a healthy rich soil will result in a healthy kratom tree and ultimately healthy rich kratom leaf.

Kratom leafs grow in pairs from the main stem at right angles to each other. A small pod / bud emerge with a new stem section and two more kratom leaves. This pattern continues as the plant grows and when the plant wants to spread further afield, 2 stems emerge and then follow the same pattern. This growth is known as opposite when 2 leafs emerge from each node. This pattern is to maximize available light for each kratom leaf.