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Kratom Cuttings / Plants

Kratom cuttings can grow into plants, which can grow into trees. They are not easy to propagate by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, once you have a healthy plant in your possession, they tend to be hardy and grow very easily.

Taking cuttings from house plants is easy. Simply snip and place in a cup of water on the kitchen window sill will suffice. Roots will appear and then pot into soil. As kratom is a tree, this is not the case. Expensive airoponics are the best bet as these not only water (like the cup of water on the window sill), but they aerate the cutting promoting root growth and providing the plant cutting with air. Soil is made up of nutrients, loam, solids, water and air. Roots need air otherwise they rot. Kratom cuttings take such a long time to produce roots that simply placing them in water (with no air) with suffocate the plant. It will cease taking in water and quickly die, leaving you scratching your head wondering "where did I go wrong".

Common mistakes when taking kratom cuttings is to scrape the stem to remove the hard material. The kratom cutting will not root if you scrape away the outside of the stem. The correct way to take a kratom cutting is to use a sharp clean knife and cut away about 5-6 inches of branch (without bark). New growth up to around 15 inches is bark free so don't worry about the bark factor too much. The stem should be dipped into rooting hormone and placed in your airoponics unit. If you watch root development closely, you'll notice warts appearing on the sides of the stem (almost like the white warts on Amanita muscaria mushrooms). This is perfectly normal and a sign that roots are imminent. Next white roots will begin to grow. You should leave the kratom cutting in the airoponics until a sufficient root ball is made. Roots of about 5 inches long and several of them should be enough. If you remove your kratom cutting too early, you'll shock the plant and it will die.

I would recommend buying kratom plants with developed root structures rather than attempting kratom cuttings. Airoponics systems are only cost effective if you plan on commercially producing plants from your kratom cuttings.

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